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WELCOME TO Gym Phenix !


Solidarity, pride and passion !

Our philosophy

Gym Phenix is a welcoming, warm and caring club for children, providing quality training for all. Our objective is the blossoming of all members in the practice of gymnastics. Performance gymnastics will also be accessible to certain gymnasts. We also strive to maintain a constructive relationship with the gymnasts, the parents and our staff !  

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Our history

The Gym Phenix club was created in 1989 by Jacques Mascart and Monique Devreux. Training took place at the Athénée Royal de la Brise in Boitsfort. Later on, an elite group benefited from the facilities of the ADEPS centre in the Forêt de Soignes. Little by little, the number of members increased, the training conditions improved and the first results at national level emerged. 


In September 2010, thanks to the municipality of Auderghem, the ADEPS and the COCOF,

Gym Phenix moved to the Gymnasium and since then benefits from a specialised room for men's and women's artistic gymnastics, as well as a room reserved for the little ones !


Today, the club has 300 members in the Fédération francophone de Gymnastique, with a hundred or so female and male gymnasts registered in competition, from division 1 to division 5. 

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Our partners

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