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US Project 2023

The club is constantly on the lookout for new projects. That's why, in February 2023, a men's team of four gymnasts flew to Frisco (Texas - USA) to take part in an international competition. For Gym Phenix, this was a real consecration after two seasons without competition.

The competition was organized in the club of the very famous trainer Valeri Liukin and his daughter Nastia, Olympic champion in 2008. Our gymnasts will be proud to wear the Gym Phenix colors in a renowned club and competition! 


On February 17, 2023, at the impressive Ford Center in Dallas, the boys won the Level 9 competition - quite a feat ! 


Congratulations to the club's four gymnasts and their male coach (from left to right in the photo below): : 

   - Vincent Malassagne (MAG head coach)

   - Jakob Kvamsoe

   - Andi Leemans 

   - Antoine Seghers 

   - Carl Strömö

Plus de photos et vidéos de cet évènement sur le compte Instagram du club :

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